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The Story Behind the Workplace Equality IndexTM

Since its founding in 1958, Denver Investments has been committed to helping individual and institutional investors achieve investment success through independent research. We offer a broad spectrum of capabilities to meet the specific objectives of our clients, including customized, socially-screened portfolios. More specifically, we have over 15 years' experience managing portfolios for institutions and individuals that choose to allocate investments in the securities of companies that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Given this experience and expertise, Denver Investments created the Workplace Equality IndexTM to evaluate corporate policies and practices that support workplace equality and inclusion for the LGBT community.

In 1998, Denver Investments was first approached by the Minnesota-based Kevin J. Mossier Foundation to advise and manage its investable assets. The late Kevin Mossier was a visionary entrepreneur and an openly gay travel expert, best known for founding one of America's most successful gay travel companies, RSVP Vacations. Following Kevin’s death, the Foundation was established in his name to fulfill his vision to advance the cause of human rights and LGBT equality.

At that time, there were few, if any, resources for this unique and specialized social screening. The Mossier Foundation trustees believed that its benefactor's wishes would be best served by strategically investing in corporations that also shared his values and aspirations.

To meet the Foundation's requirements, Denver Investments conducted independent research to establish our own screens to select stocks and bonds from corporations that are supportive of workplace equality and fairness. Our screens validated that the companies whose shares we held supported their own LGBT employees by insisting on employment nondiscrimination policies and by offering equal benefits for same-sex domestic partners.

The Mossier Foundation and other investors cheered our creation of the Workplace Equality IndexTM as it promoted equality principles to companies as an incentive to grow investor participation. In short, they believed that investment in equality principles encouraged more companies to adopt like-minded workplace policies.

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Denver Investments

Since the inception of the firm's investment management services in 1958, Denver Investments has managed assets for a diverse array of institutional and individual investors across a broad range of equity and fixed income styles. Its capabilities include over 15 years' experience managing portfolios for foundations and individuals that choose to allocate investments in securities of companies that support the LGBT community.

The Workplace Equality IndexTM was created by the firm at the request of its clients and incepted in 2001.

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